Suppression Systems and Fire Hoses in Toronto

Is your home or business equipped against potential fire? If your answer is no, it’s time to visit ABC Fire Protection Inc. We’re dedicated to making homes, industrial spaces and commercial spaces in Toronto as safe as possible.

Led by our owner Ted Horsefield, who began this business 12 years ago with his wife, our company has expanded to include 3 other employees. Visit us if you’re looking to pick up new safety equipment or if you’re looking for maintenance and servicing assistance. Secure your property against the threat of fire — call ABC Fire Protection Inc today.


Keep your home or office safe with:

General Services

  • Fire extinguisher recharging (all types and sizes)
  • Fire extinguisher repair
  • Fire extinguisher testing
  • Fire extinguisher installation
  • Fire hose re-coupling
  • Fire hose repair
  • Fire hose installation
  • Fire hose re-racking

Monthly Inspections

  • Extinguishers
  • Fire hoses
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Eyewash stations

Semi-Annual Inspections

  • Fire suppression systems
  • Extinguishers
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Eyewash stations

Annual Inspections

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire hoses
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire suppression systems

On-Site Training

  • Fire extinguisher use
  • CO2 and dry chemical extinguisher use

Hydrostatic Testing Services (Transport Canada Certified)

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Scuba tanks
  • SCBA tanks
  • Cascade cylinders
  • Beverage bottles
  • Paint ball cylinders
  • CO2 hoses
  • Fire hoses

Eddie Current Testing

  • All aluminum cylinders


We carry a wide range of fire suppression and prevention equipment, including:

Amerex® Extinguishers

  • Water and foam
  • Water mist
  • ABC dry chemical
  • Wheeled extinguishers
  • Wet chemical (class “K”)
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Purple “K” dry chemical
  • Regular dry chemical

Steel & National Fire Equipment/Supplies

  • Extinguisher cabinets, covers and accessories
  • Nozzles
  • Fire hoses
  • Sprinkler products
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire protection signs, labels and tags
  • Fire blankets
  • Smoke detectors
  • Log books

Amerex® Fire Suppression Systems

  • KP restaurant fire suppression systems
  • Zone defense restaurant fire protection system
  • Automatic industrial dry chemical system


ABC Fire Protection Inc is proud to carry quality products from Amerex®.

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